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25 thoughts on “CLC Member Profile

  1. I think..
    Seunghee:Main Vocalist.
    Yujin:Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual-line.
    Seungyeon:Leader, Main Dancer, Rapper, Lead Vocalist.
    Sorn:Lead Vocalist.
    Yeeun:Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist.
    Elkie:Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual.
    Eunbin:Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Face, Visual-line, Maknae.

  2. Ok now I understand why there was 5 before and 7 now! I like them as 7 because that's how I see them as iv only recently fell in love with them! Sorn is my bias, elkie nd eunbin coming in was a great idea for me personally just because I'm learning things about this group as 7! Keep it up girls xx

  3. i just discovered this group, and i wanna get to know about them. just wanna ask, in their debut song which pepe, they only have 5members, now they have 7members, why? where's the 2members? why didn't they show in their debut song?


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